LTC Rights Restored by the Firearms Licensing Review Board

Old criminal matters can often interfere with individual career goals. My client, a military veteran and federal employee, recently discovered that he was ineligible for an LTC due to two OUI convictions in the early 2000’s. As a result, despite his impeccable resume, high test scores and glowing references, his candidacy for a position as a police officer was put on hold indefinitely.

One option to address an old conviction is to petition the Firearms Licensing Review Board. The Board holds ajudicatory hearings and has the power to restore a person’s LTC rights in certain specific situations.

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that simply showing up for a Board hearing is enough to restore their firearms rights. Those people soon discover that they were woefully unprepared and have ruined their only shot at Board approval.

My client initially considered representing himself. Luckily, he spoke with me before filing his petition. We soon discovered that significant work was necessary before my client could appear before the Board. After some tricky litigation, we were able to prepare a successful petition, restore my client’s LTC rights and release the hold on his police officer position.

The key to success in a hearing before the Board is preparation.  Only an attorney who has extensive experience with the Board can properly prepare you for your hearing. Hiring an attorney who has served as Counsel to the Board and has successfully litigated before the Board is a smart move if you want to restore your LTC rights.