Expungement comes to Massachusetts!

In late 2018 Massachusetts began accepting petitions to expunge certain offenses which occurred prior to a person’s 21st birthday (juvenile offenses), offenses that appear on a person’s record due to fraud and offenses that are no longer criminalized.

The new expungement process requires the petitioner to meet certain strict guidelines, overcome an eligibility review by the Office of the Commissioner of Probation and be granted relief by the Court after a hearing.

Our office is now handling expungement petitions for qualified clients.  Please complete our Expungement Eligibility Questionnaire to see if you qualify.

6 thoughts on “Expungement comes to Massachusetts!

  1. jedpowerJames Power

    In 1975 (44 years ago) I pleaded guilty to 2 charges–1. Poss. of Marijuana w/ Intent to sell. 2. Poss. of LSD w/ intent to sell in. I was 26 at the time. I was given a 2 years/suspended sentence with 2 years probation term in Lawrence, Ma district court. I pled guilty to these charges because a very busy Boston lawyer at the time did not tell me about the life-long negative effects of Felony convictions on a person’s record. I am now 70 years old and have had no criminal charges since then. I would like to have my gun rights restored for hunting and being able to go to a gun range to target shoot. Is it possible to get these 2 ancient felony convictions expunged so I can do this? Thank You James Power


    1. jaguida

      Unfortunately it does not appear that you qualify for an expungement. However, please contact my office to discuss a case review so that we can look into your matter further.


  2. Sam Rodriguez

    I have a non-conviction from 2012. No probation and no arrests/jail time. Volunteered for community service and paid damages prior to court date. I am applying for my LTC. I know this doesn’t automatically exclude me, but that chief has ultimate discretion. What’s the likelihood of being able to get LTC? I work for comm of ma, father of 2. Good citizen. Just seeing my options. Thanks


    1. jaguida

      My office offers a case review option to look closer into your case and determine if there is any avenue of relief. Please give my office a call at (617) 383-4652 to discuss


  3. Chad Bogan

    Case was overturned nolle pros entered and sealed. I wanted to expunge case in total. Have my ltc in mass but having issue when purchasing firearm. need help to better understand my issue please help.


    1. jaguida

      Hi Chad – this is a common problem – there may be a hanging thread out there that is causing the delay/denial. This thread needs to be tied off.
      Give our office a call at (617) 383-4652 to discuss.


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