Firearms Licensing

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Whether you are a new applicant applying for your first license or an experienced shooter with a long licensing history, Attorney Guida should be your first choice for firearms licensing representation. Attorney Guida’s proven experience can achieve positive results in the following areas:

License Application Review – As a former licensing official, Attorney Guida reviewed and approved over 2,000 license applications every year. He knows what licensing officials are looking for on an application and the mistakes that applicants commonly make. Contact Attorney Guida before you file your resident or non-resident license application. Let him put his knowledge and experience to work to get you the license that you want for the reason that you want.

Firearms Licensing Review Board Petitions – You only get one chance to ask the Board to restore your right to possess a firearm.   Don’t go it alone! Attorney Guida served as Counsel to the Board for over 4 years. His clients rely on his experience to guide and support them through every step of the review process. If you have a minor conviction on your criminal record, contact Attorney Guida today for help.

License Denials, Suspensions and Revocations – Every moment you wait to appeal a license denial can limit your options and affect your rights. Attorney Guida is an experienced litigator and an expert in firearms licensing law. He has built relationships with licensing officials and can often achieve a favorable result without going to court. If your license has been denied, revoked or suspended, don’t delay – contact Attorney Guida today.

Criminal Record Corrections – If an old criminal record is keeping you from getting your license, you need a firearms attorney with experience in the criminal court system. Attorney Guida is that attorney. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Guida knows the rules and procedures that are used to correct errors and update criminal records. Attorney Guida will follow through with the licensing authority to ensure that an incorrect criminal record does not prevent you from getting your firearms license.

Restriction Appeals – License holders are often surprised and frustrated to find that their license has been restricted. While the firearms laws allow for restrictions, many times the restrictions do not meet the needs of the applicant. Attorney Guida wrote the restriction policy most commonly used by licensing authorities. He knows how to make a proper showing of need to remove a restriction and get the license you need. You do not have to settle for a restricted license – contact Attorney Guida to discuss your options.

Licensing Delays – How long should you wait for a firearms license? 2 months? 6 months? A year? If you have been waiting more than 40 days, your rights may be affected. Don’t wait any longer than you have to – contact Attorney Guida today.

20 thoughts on “Firearms Licensing

  1. Nate White

    Hi, I applied for my ltc on March 20th 2018 in salem. I have contacted you before. I am still waiting for my ltc and I was told by dcjis that it was sent to Salem police station. At this point I’ve hit a wall and cannot figure out why I’m getting delayed so long. I need help figuring out how to proceed. Thank you


  2. rfbox86

    Good afternoon, in 2016 I attempted to obtain my LTC, and was subsequently denied because of a DUI conviction 23 years prior. I then embarked on the lengthy process of gathering the necessary documentation to file an appeal in front of the Review Board. After several months, I was given a review date of June 6, 2017. That was over a year and a half ago and to this day am still waiting for a reply. It’s frustrating to have paid the $200 fee and to have not received a reply. At this point I’m not sure what options I have left?


    1. jaguida

      Good afternoon –

      The Firearms Licensing Review Board is no longer issuing favorable decisions due to a recent adoption of a federal legal opinion asserting that the Board does not have the authority to restore firearms rights. I am currently in the midst of litigating this very issue. Please call my office to discuss further.


  3. Thomas waldron

    Hi, I had a continued without a finding for bringing contraband ( 1 suboxone) into a prison. I did 6 months probation supervised and 6 unsupervised. I just want to know if I can still get my LTC? I was going to wait a year and then try, not sure if I would be better off getting a lawyer to help. But just want to know before I start taking classes.


    1. jaguida

      Good afternoon Mr. Waldron – it is best to discuss the specifics of a case offline. If this matter was a CWOF it may not prohibit you but will certainly be a suitability issue. Please contact my office at (617) 383-4652 to discuss a case review and LTC preparation package. – j


  4. Xavier Delvalle

    Hello , back in 2004 I got arrested for larceny over 250 and B&E at night with intent to commit a felony on motor vehicle wanted to know how I can restore my civil rights and obtain a LTC …After period of time I had my record sealed need your help and Guidance Thank you


    1. jaguida

      There is a litigation option – however there is a time limit on filing. Please give my office a call at (617) 383-4652 to discuss


  5. John Alves Sr

    I was denied a gun license from a case in 1996. I has less then 30 days to appeal at the moment. What can I do to appeal? I can be reached at 508-287-2565.


  6. Steve

    Good afternoon. I live in Boston and have received my second restricted Ltc class A. I was told that I basically need to be assaulted or testify against a gang in order to receive an unrestricted liscense. How can I go about having this restriction lifted?


    1. jaguida

      Hi Steve – Boston has a very strict restriction policy. That policy was challenged in federal court and upheld. Boston will consider issuing unrestricted LTCs to some business owners, some firearms instructors and some victims of crimes. If you do not fit into those categories, you will not be eligible for an unrestricted LTC right now.


  7. William Ramos

    currently going to apply for my ltc in Medford roughly about 7-8 years ago I got a misdemeanor charge aka assault and battery case that wasn’t charge and was never convicted what so ever but it is on my record the case was dropped due to the face the other party didn’t show multiple times will this stop my chances in getting my ltc


    1. jaguida

      Hi Will – suitability is always an issue – a police chief can deny an LTC based upon conduct that did not result in a conviction. We can walk you through how to approach the application process – Please give our office a call at (617) 383-4652 to discuss.


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