Firearms Rights Restoration

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If an old criminal conviction is affecting your firearms rights, you need the assistance and guidance of an experienced firearms attorney.  Attorney Guida knows all of the avenues of relief available to firearms owners and he can work to quickly restore your rights.  Contact Attorney Guida for assistance with:

Firearms Licensing Review Board Petitions – You only get one chance to ask the Board to restore your right to possess a firearm.   Don’t go it alone! Attorney Guida served as Counsel to the Board for over 4 years. His clients rely on his experience to guide and support them through every step of the review process.

Criminal Record Corrections – If an old criminal record is keeping you from getting your license, you need a firearms attorney with experience in the criminal court system. Attorney Guida is that attorney. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Guida knows the rules and procedures that are used to correct errors, overturn old convictions and update criminal records.

Sealing Drug Convictions – A special provision of the law allows certain drug offenders to seal their convictions in a way that restores their firearms rights.  Attorney Guida has extensive experience sealing drug cases and restoring his clients LTCs.

102 thoughts on “Firearms Rights Restoration

  1. Question with regard to LTC disqualification. What if the Massachusetts 1994 OUI arrest date was prior to the enactment of the increased penalties ie. arrested in April ’94 convicted June ’94? If the crime was committed on a date without knowledge of pending increased consequences but the conviction occurred after the newly enacted law would ex post facto apply or am I way off base?


    1. jaguida

      You are correct. If you were charged prior to the change OUI in the law, you are not prohibited. However, we frequently see this issue come up on NICS denials or LTC denials and clients need our assistance.


  2. Christopher M Fernandez

    My LTC was approved by the sheriff of my town and sent to Boston for final approval, Boston sent it back to the sheriff saying I was disqualified for a assault and battery charge when I was 17 years old, The sheriff told me to contact an attorney who specializes in these cases to get it approved I am 46 years old now not the same person I was when I was 17 , what can I do to get my LTC that the sheriff had approved?


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