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Attorney Jason A. Guida served as the Director of the Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau for over 4 years where he worked directly with police departments on firearms licensing litigation and the enforcement of the Massachusetts firearms laws.  He has been called to testify as an expert witness in both criminal and civil trials and he has been extensively involved in Massachusetts firearms policy issues.

Attorney Guida also served as Counsel to the Firearms Licensing Review Board. During Attorney Guida’s tenure, the Board held over 50 hearings for petitioners seeking to restore their firearms rights.  He also participated as a voting member of the Massachusetts Gun Control Advisory Board which added over 100 new weapons to the Massachusetts Approved Weapons Roster.

Attorney Guida has conducted trainings and seminars on Massachusetts firearms law for the Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and various prosecutors, attorneys, firearms dealers and licensing officials.  His expertise in Massachusetts firearms law led to 2 separate appearances as a guest panelist on Court TV and he remains a sought after resource for both local and national media.

In 2009, Attorney Guida joined the mid-size Boston law office of Principe & Strasnick as “Of Counsel”.  He is a former Hampden County Assistant District Attorney and a former legislative aide in the Massachusetts State Senate.

Attorney Guida is a graduate of James Madison University and Suffolk University Law School.

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  1. Roland B

    Status of the appellate court appeal to restore LTC permits to people whose rights were
    restored by the FLRB . I am one of those persons affected. Thank you


      1. jaguida

        By way of update, there was no appeal. FLRB will be back in business this summer. We will be updating the website soon!


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