How to Choose a Good Firearms Attorney

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The Massachusetts firearms laws are complicated.  When your rights are on the line, you should know that you have a knowledgeable and experienced firearms attorney on your side.  But with so many lawyers out there claiming to be “firearms attorneys”, how do you know if you are hiring a lawyer that can get favorable results?

  • Does your prospective lawyer specialize in firearms law?

Look at your prospective lawyer’s website.  Is a he or she offering assistance on wills and trusts, divorces and real estate closings?  If so, chances are the attorney is not an expert in firearms law.

  • Does your prospective lawyer have any experience litigating a firearms case?

Ask your prospective lawyer how many firearms license appeals he or she has taken to trial.  Then ask how many he or she has won.  Does your prospective lawyer frequently appear before the Firearms Licensing Review Board?  Has he or she overturned a NICS denial?  A good firearms attorney has real world experience applying the law successfully for his or her clients.

  • What specific experience makes your prospective lawyer a “firearms attorney”?

If you ask your prospective lawyer what makes them a “firearms attorney”, do they tell you a sentimental tale about being taught to shoot at an early age by their grandfather?  Or do they provide you with a laundry list of pro-2nd Amendment organizations they belong to?  The fact that your prospective lawyer is a gun enthusiast does not mean that he or she has a solid understanding of the firearms laws.  A good firearms attorney knows firearms law because he or she has actual experience litigating firearms cases.

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