Firearms Dealers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers

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Navigating through the tangled web of regulations governing the sale and transfer of firearms in Massachusetts can be a headache for a new or established business owner. Firearms dealers, manufactures and wholesalers need an attorney with the expertise to guide them through the red tape and conflicting laws.

Attorney Guida is a former Gun Control Advisory Board member who has voted to add weapons to the Massachusetts Approved Weapons Roster. His expertise in firearms regulations has been relied on by numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.   He has conducted trainings for ATF investigators and his 2012 training for Massachusetts dealers in Worcester was attended by over 150 firearms licensed dealers.

Whether you looking to establish a new firearms dealership in Massachusetts or you have been in business for years, you need Attorney Guida’s proven experience working for you. Attorney Guida specializes in:

  • Firearms Dealer, Ammunition and Gunsmith licensing;
  • Massachusetts license compliance issues and violations;
  • Approved Weapons Roster issues and violations;
  • Attorney General Handgun Regulations and violations;
  • Assault Weapon/Large Capacity magazine issues and violations; and
  • FFL issues, NFA transfers, ATF inspections and violations