Expungement and Sealing Records

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Massachusetts offers individuals the option to seal their criminal records or, in some very limited circumstances, expunge their criminal records.

Generally, sealing your criminal record will not restore your right to possess a firearm or help you obtain a firearms license.  Most clients who retain our services to seal their records are seeking a new job, looking to pass a background check or wish to repair their reputation.  However, a special sealing option is available for certain first time drug offenders which can restore firearms rights.  Our office can conduct a case review to help you determine if sealing is right for you.

In late 2018 Massachusetts began accepting petitions to expunge certain offenses which occurred prior to a person’s 21st birthday (juvenile offenses), offenses that appear on a person’s record due to fraud and offenses that are no longer criminalized.   An expungement will restore firearms rights under both Massachusetts and federal law.

The new expungement process requires the petitioner to meet certain strict guidelines, overcome an eligibility review by the Office of the Commissioner of Probation and be granted relief by the Court after a hearing.

Check out the link below to determine if our office can assist you with an expungement or review your case to see if there are any other avenues of relief available to you: