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Denied a Firearms License? Need your Firearms Rights Restored? Charged with a Violation of the Firearms Laws?

Attorney Jason A. Guida is the leading expert on Massachusetts firearms laws and regulations.  His extensive knowledge and hands-on experience makes him the first choice for clients seeking advice on complicated firearms licensing issues, firearms-related criminal matters and the restoration of firearms rights.

Attorney Guida’s unique professional background gives his clients an edge in achieving successful results in a cost effective manner.  As the former Director of the Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau, Attorney Guida has trained and advised local, state and federal law enforcement officials on firearms licensing and firearms related criminal investigations. He has served as Counsel to the Firearms Licensing Review Board, is a former member of the Gun Control Advisory Board and has prosecuted firearms cases as an Assistant District Attorney.

Attorney Guida handles matters throughout Massachusetts and was named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers ( in 2014 and 2015. He accepts referrals from the US Concealed Carry Law Network (, the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network ( and the Texas Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Fund (

Time is of the essence in most firearms cases. When it counts and your rights are on the line, you need Attorney Guida’s proven experience working for you!

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