The Firearms Licensing Review Board is back in business!!!

I am pleased to announce that my litigation sponsored by Commonwealth Second Amendment has been successful and the restoration of rights afforded by the Firearms Licensing Review Board (FLRB) will be recognized in Massachusetts again. In two companion cases before the Suffolk Superior Court, a judge held that “the right to bear arms is a civil right within the ambit of Section 921(a)(20) and a decision by the (FLRB) pursuant to G.L. c. 140, sec. 130B that a convicted person who lost such a right is now suitable to be an LTC holder constitutes a restoration of that person’s civil rights under this statute.”

The Department of Criminal Justice Information Services will no longer interfere with the issuance of LTCs approved under an FLRB decision. Additionally, I have been advised that the FLRB will begin meeting again and issuing favorable decisions this summer.

My office has begun reaching out to our clients who have been affected by the Commonwealth’s misguided attempt to reinterpret the law and we hope to begin litigating before the FLRB by July.

If you have been denied an LTC or FID due to a conviction for operating under the influence (OUI), assault and battery (A+B), receiving stolen property (RSG) or some other misdemeanor offense, please contact our office to discuss the restoration of your firearms rights. We can be reached at (617) 383-4652 or

8 thoughts on “The Firearms Licensing Review Board is back in business!!!

  1. Jack K

    Awesome and congratulations! I look forward to speaking with you again.

    Thank you for all your hard work and God Bless!


  2. Hugh MacDonald

    Hi Jason
    What does this mean for me, anything? I’ve sent a bunch of emails to comm2a over the years. I have no convictions for anything. Was a arrested a few times, must be over 25 years ago by now. Have my FID. Denied my LTC. Appealed my LTC, used a “2A” attorney that was terrible…and lost. That was a Joke. Maybe you remember my story, when I was denied my LTC, cops came to my house, told me I had to turn in my .22 rifle and my FID, said they were comin in, I said no you need a warrant, they said no we don’t, came in, took my .22, then called the next day, you can come pick up your rifle , we made a mistake you have an FID. Yeah I explained that to the cops….the night before. Anyway, they did renew my FID since then. We did just get a new chief here in Westford. Not sure what that means.
    Hugh MacDonald
    Westford MA


    1. jaguida

      Good afternoon Hugh – unfortunately this does not affect suitability issues, only issues involving misdemeanor convictions.


      1. Hugh

        Thanks for the feedback. I guess when I guy that‘s never met me, won’t meet with me, and won’t call any of my references declares me unsuitable, then that’s all there is to it. Yeah, I tried the appeal., that was a waste of time and money.


  3. Roland Bourque

    Congrats Jason: Question:I am one that the FLRB restored my LTC.. Does this mean the
    400 or so would have to reappear again to the FLRB? RB



    Hi Jason, hope your doing well. What great news. Congratulations on your litigation win. Also a huge thanks for all you’ve done helping gun owners. I will reach out to Mike Dutton and let him know the good news and to call your office. He’ll be thrilled. Again thanks so much. Take Care! Brian Fitzpatrick Westford

    > > >  >


  5. Jim

    Hi Jason, had an A&B over 30 years ago. Went before review board and they reinstated FID. Recent Massachusetts law change a few years ago, revoked it again. Both Chief of Police and person I assaulted wrote letters of support when it was reinstated awhile back. Would you be able to help with this situation?


    1. jaguida

      Hi Jim – as a result of our successful litigation, applicants who have been approved by the FLRB are once again being approved for LTCs. Our office is happy to help – however, if the Chief is willing to work with you, you can always go down and reapply. If the Chief approves, you will get the license back now.


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