UPDATE: Massachusetts FRB will no longer print LTCs with restrictions

The Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau released guidance to police departments today advising that 1) it is the responsibility of the police department to remove restrictions and request the reprint of new LTCs for license holders and 2) FRB will no longer print licenses that have restrictions placed upon them. (thank you @@GunOwnersActionLeague for posting the advisory here: https://goal.org/Restricted-License-Guidance/?_kx=49QFD52ddo1U4F_TuuNLncjN1oZ8v_jKEg_PpmpF1b4%3D.VR7reg)

What this means for LTC holders:

  1. You must contact your police department and demand the removal of your restriction. Expect to be frustrated with this process, particularly if you live in the City of Boston.
  2. If your LTC was processed prior to the Bruen decision in a community that restricts and it has not been issued, you should expect delays. Your license is being sent back to the police department to process without restrictions.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Massachusetts FRB will no longer print LTCs with restrictions

    1. jaguida

      If it is a conviction in MA, yes, because it carries a max sentence of 2 1/2 years. You may be eligible for the FLRB. Feel free to give us a call.


      1. jaguida

        If the max penalty is 1 year then it will not prohibit you – but the facts surrounding it can be used for suitability determinations.


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