LTC restrictions no longer enforceable

On August 10, 2022, Massachusetts, complying with the recent Bruen decision, repealed the legislative language that permitted police departments to impose carry restrictions on LTCs as well as the criminal penalties that could be imposed for carrying outside of a restriction.

The new legislation, Chapter 174 of the Acts of 2022, was passed with an emergency preamble, which means it was effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature. (Read the new bill here:

If you currently hold an LTC that was restricted by your police department, that restriction is no longer enforceable. LTC holders may now safely and lawfully carry a firearm for all lawful purposes (being mindful of school zones, government buildings and private property where firearms are prohibited).

It is possible that some law enforcement officers remain unaware of the recent changes despite the publicity that the legislation received. If you encounter a law enforcement action when carrying outside of an LTC restriction (LTC seized, charges filed), contact our office as soon as possible.