Charges Dismissed Against Client with Expired LTC

My client was an out-of-state resident who had previously held an LTC in Massachusetts.  He was visiting some friends in the North Shore area and they decided to travel to a local gun range for an afternoon of target shooting.  He brought his own firearms with him for use at the range.

On the way to the range he was stopped by a police officer for an alleged minor civil motor vehicle infraction.  During the stop, officers observed firearms in the car and determined that my client’s LTC was expired.  He was placed under arrest for unlawful possession of a firearm and his weapons were seized.

After his arrest he hired a local general practice attorney.  His case dragged on for a year and involved several long, expensive court dates.  He knew that he was facing a minimum 18-month jail sentence and he became frustrated and scared.  He contacted me on the recommendation of a local firearms instructor and we immediately got to work.  In two quick court dates, the charges were dismissed.

The Massachusetts firearms laws are complicated and full of exceptions and defenses that a general practice attorney would not know.  It is essential to hire an experienced firearms attorney when facing serious criminal charges.

2 thoughts on “Charges Dismissed Against Client with Expired LTC

  1. Jay

    I was wondering if I should have my LTC application prepared by an attorney due to the fact I was arrested when I was 17 (20 years ago)for Possession of marijuana that was continued with out a finding. Or is it not even worth applying?


    1. jaguida

      Hi Jay – my website was newly designed when you sent this message and, unfortunately, I was not aware that I could be contacted this way. In response to your question, yes, I think it is worth applying but we should review the case first. Please shoot me an email with your contact info. Thanks!


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